Earth Day is this Sunday, April 22nd! And it isn’t just a day to vow you’ll recycle more. If you truly want to celebrate and even save this beautiful home of ours and the people who live here (including you!), it’s time to renew your pledge by taking action!

The best part is that it doesn’t have to be very difficult. Here are 20 actionable, fun and offbeat ways to take better care of yourself, the world and the people around you (including strangers you may not know!)

Easy Breezy Tips!

1.  Brighten someone’s day with a smile! Make eye contact, smile, and even say hello to someone as you walk by them.

2.  Skip the paper cups and plastic lid, keep an extra reusable cup in your vehicle so that you can always B.Y.O.Mug to your favorite coffee shop.

3.  Text a friend and remind them about an inside joke that still makes you laugh. Laughter is good for the soul!

4.  Give someone a sincere compliment.

5.  Share positive feedback about someone at work with his or her manager.

6.  Keep a gratitude journal, even just one-thanks-a-day goes a long way!

7.  Skip the straw next time you go out to eat.

8.  Purchase Fair-Trade items, especially chocolate and coffee!

Tips that require little more effort, but worth the energy!

9.  Be The Match and join the Bone Marrow Registry. Or register as an Organ Donor today, it takes less than 30 seconds!

10.  Get a library card for FREE books, music, and movies! Pay it forward by donating your old books, movies, and music to the library or another local drop-off point.

11.  Go to a farmer’s market (eating locally-sourced food leaves a smaller carbon footprint-and it taste better too).

12.  Learn the name of a “stranger” or two that you see nearly everyday (mail carrier, bus driver, security guard, front desk clerk, cashier).

13.  Send a handwritten thank you note to someone who has helped you recently.

14.  Take shorter showers, or even better, try a five-day cold shower challenge! (Not only is it good for circulation, but a great courage-booster too!)

15.  Looking for easy tips to tackle food waste? Try these three: 

  • Pick the funny-looking produce at the store; give that fugly fruit a home!
  • Throw veggie scraps in a freezer-safe bag and collect over time to throw into boiling water: instant, free veggie-broth!
  • Just because it’s soft or wilted doesn’t mean it’s bad, throw all that just-past-its-prime produce into a smoothie and you won’t know the difference.

Tips that require advanced effort, but you’ve got this!

16.  Pay for the person/car behind you at your cafe or fast food drive-thru.

17.  Surprise your significant other, parent, child or best friend with a special day outing or gift when isn’t their birthday or a holiday.

18.  Stop and visit with an elderly neighbor or relative.

19.  Take a stand against human trafficking.

20.  Forgive someone.

Now, which ones do you pledge to tackle this year?

*Bonus Easy Breezy action step?

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