This Friday, April 22, 2016, marks the 46th Anniversary of the very first Earth Day. A lot has changed since we started recognizing the importance of taking care of our earth and its resources, but yet a lot has stayed the same.

We are proud to say that Earth Day roots began right here in our home state of Wisconsin. Senator Gaylord Nelson (and afterwards, Governor Nelson) asked Wisconsin-born, Denis Hayes to spearhead the very first Earth Day event. According to a 1990 article in the EPA Journal the first Earth Day was a celebration of epic proportions with newspapers such as the New York Times and the Washington Post giving front-page coverage to announce the scheduled events, and television networks providing “enough coverage to give the impending day something of the aura of a national holiday.”

Ten years after this first commemoration, Nelson penned these words as a reflection of the work that still remained in protecting our earth:

So long as the human species inhabits the Earth, proper management of its resources will be the most fundamental issue we face. Our very survival will depend upon whether or not we are able to preserve, protect and defend our environment. We are not free to decide about whether or not our environment “matters.” It does matter, apart from any political exigencies. We disregard the needs of our ecosystem at our mortal peril.”

For us here at reCollect2 Company, whether the earth matters is not the question, but rather, we need to ask what we will do to ensure that its gifted resources are cared for so that future generations are afforded the same environmental pleasures that we are so fortunate to enjoy today.

Earth Day is gaining momentum, as one of the largest secular observances in the world, celebrated by more than a billion people every year. We believe that it is a day that should unite us all regardless of politics, ethnicity, religion or any other label that serves to cause unnecessary separation. Our hope is that we use it as an opportunity to relish and observe the beauty of our world, the uniqueness of diverse cultures and the importance of different perspectives and join together in unity to celebrate the amazing planet we have all been given to reside upon.

At reCollect2, we are honored to play a part in helping people make small changes that ultimately can have a meaningful impact on our world, community and society. Our hope for this Friday is that we do not let the day pass us by quietly. But rather, we hope that you will take the time to recognize the importance of Earth Day, not merely as an observation, but to engage, learn and renew a commitment to making this world a safer place for future generations.