Time – it is a valuable commodity that we often take for granted. Our days seem to pass us by in a frenzied pace, another moment gone forever, too often without a second thought. As my conversations with my 94-year-old grandfather become increasingly shorter due to hearing loss and declining health, this concept of ‘time’ intently stares me down, challenging me to ask myself, “How am I…making the most of the moments I am given?”

Each of us, given the same number of hours in a day, causes me to remind myself that I have an obligation to use those hours responsibly, joyously and graciously—to actively attempt to limit and remove the hectic ‘clutter’ that distracts, doubts or discourages from life. Instead, I try to make the most of each moment, hold them captive – and choose to use them to strengthen…to learn…and to laugh.

Not one for always being “in-the-know” surrounding the latest viral video I was fortunate to catch a glimpse of the Star Wars loving Chewbacca mom truly embracing, the often overlooked basic rule, of living life to the fullest. It was a visual reminder to myself of the powerful effect of simple, authentic human joy that resides if we can take moments from our hectic schedules to delight, acknowledge and share its existence.

At reCollect2 Company, our goal (and admittedly sometimes challenge) is to live out our obligation and follow this philosophy each day; to focus on our personal mission to make consistent, intentional and relevant little changes that will positively affect the people, relationships and environment around us. Sometimes we’re called to forgive, extend more patience or just listen more than we speak—whatever we are called to do, know that somehow, in some way it’s a step towards making a difference in how we interact.

This Memorial Day weekend, we invite you to take on our challenge to reflect upon this precious commodity of ‘time’. We encourage you to take a moment to consider how you could utilize the moments and hours in your day to make a difference with contagious appeal. One small contribution, act of kindness, remembrance or even burst of playful laughter can be the catalyst needed to make this shared home a sweeter and safer place.