Implementing a Recycling Program at Your Hotel

Below are links to suggested guidelines and articles on recycling within the lodging industry.

AHLA Green Guidelines: Recycling Programs

“A 300-room hotel can generate as much as three tons of waste per day, 60% of which is recyclable. That means a property could potentially cut waste pickup in half…” learn more ›

Waste Reduction in Hotels and Motels

“Hoteliers have many opportunities to reduce waste by establishing waste prevention and recycling programs and by purchasing recycled products…” learn more ›

Waste Reduction & Recycling Tips for Hotels, Resorts and Motels

“The hotel industry is seeing the benefits to the bottom line through initial recycling programs. Hotels that have used the enthusiasm of their staffs have seen significant rewards…” learn more ›

How to Set Up a Hotel Recycling Program

“Reducing materials at their source, coupled with recovery, reuse, and recycling prevents pollution and reduces or eliminates treatment and disposal costs…” learn more ›

What is a Green Hotel? Green Best Practices for Hotels

“Easy-to-use lists of green practices that will help you learn about what makes a hotel green, and also help hotels assess their environmental commitment and performance…” learn more ›

Helpful Links & Resources

Additional resources to help inspire your recycling programs

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

“Learn how reducing, reusing, and recycling can help you, your community, and the environment by saving money, energy, and natural resources…” learn more ›

Office Waste Reduction Programs

“An office waste reduction program is a way for businesses to target those materials that are abundant in their waste stream and easily diverted from landfills…” learn more ›

Is the reCollect2 recyclable?

The reCollect2 is manufactured from solid polypropylene plastic (number 5) and is recyclable after use. Please contact your state or municipality’s business recycling organization for more information on how to properly recycle.

Wisconsin Business and Workplace Recycling

Waukesha County Green Tips

Minnesota Recycling Association

Austin, Texas Government Website

California Recycling

Florida Department of Environmental Protection

New Jersey Dept. of Environmental Protection

New York Department of Sanitation

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The reCollect2® recycling receptacle was designed with simplicity in mind, complementing the current trends in commercial interior design. You can find our product in green hotels and businesses across the United States and internationally. We’d love to hear from you and help your company achieve its recycling goals.

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